My name is Dean Wong and I live in the beautiful island of Jamaica. Yeah man, the home of Usain Bolt, Bob Marley, Reggae Music, Dunn’s River Falls, Ackee and Salt Fish (our national dish) fingah likin good, and Blue Mountain Coffee.

We have our fair share of trouble but we still consider Jamaica to be one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

I currently work as a construction manager with a leading commercial real estate firm in our Capital Kingston.

I am the Husband of one Wife and together we have a Son whom I consider to be absolute therapy after a hard days work. Recently I have been involved with an MLM Company and during my study of the business and through conversing with my peers, I learned about blogging. It has fascinated me ever since.

I have been studying continuously the principles that if one should adopt in their lives, they can change a person’s fortune from a state of lack and limitation to one of abundance, well-being and a better understanding of life on a whole.

This my first blog is as a result of my studies and I hope that in some small way it helps someone to make that change, required to forge ahead in this life.

It is by no means the all in all, rather my thoughts expressed in written format,  in a manner suggesting my attempt to share what I have learned. I think  it’s a step in the right direction.

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Primarily, I am into the balancing of one’s body and overall health and wellness and as a result of my discovery of Adaptogens (powerful natural agents that bring the body into balance and reduce stress), I market a line of products called Tunguska Blast and Tunguska Mist.

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I hope these few words have given you an insight into my life. Feel free to leave a comment about my blog, I look forward to your views.

Kindest Regards,

Dean Wong.