• 250120070012A very popular response to any set-back in one’s life is to quit. Unfortunately this observation is true for most people, because they are “weak willed” they just do not have a “back bone” so to speak. It is said that “winners never quit and quitters never win”, this is an absolute truth. To be a winner in this life with today’s challenges, one must have a strong will, unmovable, unshakable in one’s resolve to be a success in whatever endeavour one may chose.

In my own experience I have observed that people who have never experienced difficulties in their lives, tend to be succeptible to adverse conditions when ever and if ever they occur in their lives. They give up easily because their very comfortable world has been up-rooted, most of them never recover from these adverse conditions, choosing rather to succumb to their environment or worse, to end their lives.

To develop a strong will, there are three character traits that one must possess.

1. Commitment.

A person must become committed to the task or tasks ahead if he/she intends to be successful at any challenge, and there might be many. If one is not committed to the task it makes no sense to even begin because you will quit at the first sign of trouble. Your level of commitment determines your ability to “stick around” in the tough times.

Be committed to the task and your decision to play a meaningful roll in the accomplishment of the goal and you are on your way to becoming a winner.

2. Remain Focused.

Distractions come in many forms and types, if one is easily distracted then that person is setting himself/herself up for a fall sooner than one may imagine.
In thoroughbred racing an equipment called a “blinker” or sometimes a “visor” is placed over the horse’s head, its sole purpose is to keep his attention on the path ahead of him, to get him to the finish line, in front of the other horses in the race. He must not be distracted by what the other horses are doing.

We must adopt the same “equipment” or principle in our endeavours to remain focused on the goal, thereby accomplishing what we set out to do.

3. A Calm Disposition.

Calmness of mind is extremely essential as it allows for the effective use of ones energy. A person who is not easily disturbed by the things around, the distractions, the negative personalities, the environment, circumstances, the media etc, has mastered himself. This person will never be in reaction mode because he has learned that he/she is the creator of circumstances.
With this calm disposition, ideas begin to flow, solutions to problems are realised and challenge after challenge are subdued.

These are just a few of the fruits of the strong will.

I welcome your comments.


Dean Wong. (Island Boy)